Duty Free Shopping Center

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You already know there is great shopping to be done in Phuket, but if you’re wondering how it can get even better. How about the Duty Free Shopping Center?

Check out the duty free shopping center in Phuket for great savings! That’s what you should get at a duty-free shop, right? Well possibly, but the thing is that when we visited this massive shop and looked around for over an hour. We found some products with inflated prices. Sure you do get to 'save money' somehow, but you’re actually saving money off prices that are too high to begin with. The discount that you’re receiving isn’t quite as good as you’re going to be anticipating, in many instances.

Still, it’s worth a trip to the duty free shop in Phuket to see what you can find. There probably are bargains but it will take a sharp shopper to figure out what they are. Are you ready for the challenge?

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