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If you've come to Phuket looking for a great bar to party in, well you are fresh out of luck .. ha ha, just kidding! Phuket is filled, and I mean really packed, with all different kinds of bars for every taste and occasions. From the illusive Gogo bar, karaoke bar and "girly" bar, to beer bars and quiet little pubs, with everything in between, you can't cross the street without walking past at least a dozen of different drinking venues.

By far the most famous place to find a bar that fits your taste would be on Bangla road. This four hundred meter road is jam packed on both sides with every kind of bar you can imagine. With its neon lights and loud bass music pumping out at you from every direction, you are spoiled for choice when time comes to settle on your evening entertainment. Whether you prefer the bouncy rhythm of the night clubs and discos or the twang of country music, Bangla road is your best bet to find that perfect drinking hole for you.

For those who would prefer a much quieter evening don't fret, there are many many bars in every city and district that you can choose from. Whether you are looking for a bar similar to home or something a little more rich in Thai culture, Phuket has the diversity and quantity to help you find that perfect bar for you.

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