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Phuket Tourist Information Guide

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This section covers bike rental & tours in Phuket for anyone with an adventurous spirit. Though when you think of Phuket, you might not think of it as a fitness lover’s paradise, it certainly can be exactly that! We have so many different options for working out and enjoying outdoor fitness on the island, that we know you’ll be surprised!

There are two types of bike tour companies, one with local tours, and one with tours from Phuket to Bangkok, or tours of major areas like Chiang Mai, Isaan (800 km+ done in stages over 8 days), and even a tour of Taiwan. These tours are available through Siam Bike Tours in Phuket, located in the Thalang District of Phuket.

Siam Bike Tours can outfit you with a bike, and everything needed for your cross country trip, or you can also choose to bring your own bicycle if you prefer to. Their daily rentals start at 800 Thai baht (THB) and go up to 1,500 THB for top-of-the-line Canyon bike and Shimano Ultegra components.

If, on the other hand, you’re not that serious about riding and don’t want to go for hundreds of kilometers, you might choose another of our featured tour companies, Ruen Mai Resort Tours. This bike rental company is located just 3.5 km from Luxury Villas Phuket, on the West coast of Phuket in Nai Yang. Simple bicycles are available for very reasonable prices for short trips around the local area in Nai Yang.

If you don’t want to rent a bike, you could always bring your own and create your own bicycle tour – and some hard-core tourists do that so they can create their own routes around Phuket and surrounding provinces.

Caution is advised when cycling in Thailand, as you probably know! Thai roads are considered dangerous for vehicles, motorbike drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians alike. It is much safer to bike with others to increase your visibility on the roads. Going with an experienced company in bike rental & tours in Phuket can be an added layer of safety you’ll be thankful for.

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