Buddhist Temples (Wats)

Phuket, Thailand

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Buddhist Temples (Wats) in Phuket
Buddhism is a religion (philosophy) that embraces a variety of beliefs, traditions, and spiritual practices. It is, accordingly, based on the original teachings and philosophies attributed to Buddha. Buddhist Temples, also known as Wats, are sacred places of worship, where believers and followers of Buddhism go to honor Buddha through acts of service and prayer. These temples represent the pure land or environment of Buddha and are traditionally designed to inspire inner and outer peace.

Buddhist Temples Phuket - Wat Chalong Buddhist Temples vary from region to region in their architecture and structure. They are designed to symbolize the five elements: Earth, Wind, Air, Fire, and Wisdom. The temple structures differ depending on language and region, which includes Viharas, Stupas, Pagodas, or Wats.

In Thailand, you will find Wats. However, as their surrounding area is also a big part of their identity, Buddhist Temples are not only defined by their structures. This is why most temple compounds are bound by walls and gates. Although everyone's welcome to visit at any time!

With the vast majority of the population in Phuket being Thai-Buddhists, there are over 40 Wats available for those who follow Buddhism and want to pay their respect. A few of these temples are over 100 years old and hold great significance to the history of Phuket.

The temples on the island give visitors the chance to be blessed by a monk if desired. You can also donate money as well as buy herbal balms and other intriguing trinkets. All proceeds go to the maintenance and upkeep of the temples.

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