Ao Yon

Ao Yon Bay Phuket
Ao Yon is a small bay in the south of Phuket that has two small beaches separated by rocky headlands.

Ao Yon Beach Phuket One of them, Ao Yon Junior, is a very peaceful, beautiful, and virtually deserted beach. It also presents spectacular views of Chalong Bay and Lone Island.

And then, just over the rocky hills, you will find Ao Yon Senior. A beach with fine white sand, overhanging coconut palms for shade, and crystal clear blue water that sparkles in the sunlight. There are no restaurants or bars on the beach. Therefore, you'll need to bring your food and snacks. Ao Yon is indeed an excellent place for a picnic, a swim, and a relaxing time in the sun!

Snorkeling is not permitted, and the locals demand that you stay away from the pearl farms while you are swimming. However, if you feel adventurous, there is a waterfall to the west, with cold refreshing water running down the hills.

Ao Yon Senior is also an excellent spot for mooring and home to Phuket Yacht Club. Therefore, many yachts sit in the bay, and most weekends, there are activities held for local children.

* Please remember to take all your empties and garbage with you when you leave.