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Latex products in Phuket are very popular, and you could probably guess why if you just took a bus, a van or any kind of vehicle from Phuket Airport to Phuket Town or Patong Beach. Rubber trees are everywhere, right? Rubber tree plantations can be identified easily when you see tall thin trees with no big branches for the first few meters of the trunk with a little pot hanging off the side of the tree around a meter high from the ground.

Rubber trees produce pure rubber sap which is then refined into latex for use in running shoes, mattresses, car, bike and baby stroller tires and wheels. Latex is used in millions of products around the world, and Thailand has a tremendous number of rubber tree plantations as they grow well in the rain and high humidity.

Latex mattresses are popular in Thailand as well as pillows and sheets. These protect the core mattress from accidents and are a must for hotels. If you own a hotel or bed and breakfast you might want to stop in and see what products one of these latex shops can provide for you.

Eco Latex Phuket is a large latex shop you can visit. They have latex products for sale using rubber from Thailand and they have some quality items you might find perfect for your home or business. Latex filled beds are of high interest here as they last forever, and Eco Latex has a large selection of them. Check out their Ice and Warm bed heating system!

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