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If you have a need for a convenience store in Phuket, you’re not going to have any trouble finding one like 7-11, Mini Mart, Tesco Lotus Express, Family Mart, or one of the other independently owned stores.

What do a convenience store in Phuket sell? Alcohol for one. In the refrigerated section you’ll find beer and wine coolers in most 7-11's and other well-stocked stores. The big three beers are usually represented – Singha, Leo, and Chang, but you may luck into a store with Heineken, Tiger, Archa, Beerlao, and a local favorite, Phuket Lager Beer.

Some of the harder liquors are available up at the front counter behind the salespersons on the wall near the cigarettes. Prices are inflated, but if you’re in need – you probably won’t be arguing!
Please note, alcohol sales are limited strictly between the hours of 11:00 am. to 2:00 pm. and 5 pm. to midnight. Privately owned stores may let you slide on the hours, but the bigger convenience stores in Phuket will not, they must follow the rules. It’s worth noting that alcohol sales can be limited during Buddhist holidays and other times.

Besides alcohol at the convenience stores in Phuket, you can find batteries, condoms, Thai and international cigarette brands, cheap plastic rain ponchos, shampoo and other bathroom necessities, ice, ice-cream, beverages of all kinds including soda, fruit juices, soy and yogurt drinks, crackers and chip snacks, cookies, bread, laundry detergent, eating utensils, and almost anything else you may find a need for, while on your vacation in Thailand.

If you need to add phone credit to your mobile phone, you should know that recently 7-11's, in Phuket and across Thailand, stopped selling AIS 1-2 Call phone cards, but you can get them at Family Mart or arrange an online or prepaid account to add credit when you need it.

Most 7-11’s and Family Mart locations are open around the clock and never close. Others, like Tesco Lotus Express close around 9 or 10:00 pm.

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