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Phuket Tourist Information Guide

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There is probably no greater idea ever in the history of the world than all you can eat restaurants! What could be better? In Thailand, it’s not only a great idea, but it’s cheap too! Well, some places are cheap, and others are priced appropriately. Phuket has some world class restaurants, and if the cuisine is top-notch, you’ll pay for it! You’re on vacation, so indulge yourself and go eat some of the best food you’ve ever had in your life tonight!

What kind of all you can eat restaurants in Phuket are there?

Tori Japanese Buffet – all you can eat Japanese food in a nice setting! Keep in mind that there is no sushi in the buffet until 4 pm.; be also aware that tourist buses may pull up and flood the restaurant just before you arrive! This is a highly popular restaurant with average reviews, but the only all you can eat Japanese restaurant in central Phuket.

Shakers Restaurant has Thai and western soups, salads, and steaks, as well as various all you can eat offers on different days of the week. This restaurant is located on the Southern tip of Phuket in Nai Harn, and is about an hour away from Bismarcks Luxury Villas. Shakers gets great ratings and serves both Thai and western food, which means there is something for everyone!

Buffet Hot Pot is another all you can eat dining spot that isn’t exactly romantic, but the food is good and the restaurant gets high ratings in all but ambiance, which is not saying it’s bad. It’s how it is at every hot pot restaurants (Korean BBQ) in Thailand, they’re all pretty much the same. Hot pot restaurants might be a new dining experience for you. Staff brings a uniquely shaped pot of broth to your table, and it sits on burning wood to keep it hot. On some hot pots, there is a slanted slope you can put chicken, shrimp, squid or whatever you like to cook it over the fire. Excellent and worth a try!

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