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Phuket Tourist Information Guide

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The tourist police in Phuket are here to help you, and you should trust that they will do all they can to take care of your problem to your satisfaction! I know this may be contrary to what you’ve heard over the years, but really, police in the tourist areas are very responsive to helping tourists who have been robbed or assaulted in any way, and you can feel safe knowing they’ll help to the best of their ability when you have a problem.

Now, that said, things don’t work in Thailand exactly like you’re used to back in your country. Police are paid very little here, and if you want top service – like you probably insist on – you’ll have to donate some money to the police to make sure you get it done right.

The tourist police in Phuket are a special unit of police force in Thailand which are solely for helping tourist with crimes. Tourist police speak English better and, because they deal with them daily, understand tourists a bit better as well. There are foreign volunteers who are part of the tourist police, and of course they bring better English and possibly another language to the table to help resolve your crisis.

The main tourist police office in Phuket is located at 327 Yaowarat Rd, Tambon Wichit, Amphoe Mueang Phuket. The emergency phone number for the tourist police is: 1155. Just dial that from any phone and you’ll be connected to someone who can speak English.

It may take a while to find someone to speak your language if you cannot speak English, but they can help you with most languages immediately. Languages spoken besides English are – Burmese, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Icelandic, Japanese, Italian, Malay, Nepalese, Norwegian, Polish, Spanish, Swedish, and of course, Thai.

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