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There might be a time when you might need to visit a medical clinic in Phuket, or elsewhere in Thailand, at some point during your stay. Getting ill while in Thailand isn’t something that’s fun to think about, but it is very common as we have a whole different strain of bugs here floating through the air and in our food. Just like anywhere you visit in the world, you’re probably going to have a bout of flu, stomach ache, or even a mild case of food poisoning if you’re extra unlucky.

What will you do when it happens to you and you need a clinic? We’ve sourced some medical clinics in Phuket you can visit in the links below. There are doctors from all over the world in Phuket, a truly international destination for visitors and expats who stay for many years. If you have the money, you will probably want to make an appointment with a foreign doctor resident in Thailand to ensure the best care. That isn’t saying that good doctors at a Thai clinic don’t exist, they certainly do, but you may feel more comfortable with a foreign doctor who speaks English to a high degree.

Some of the common ailments we see in Thailand are influenza, Dengue fever, Chikungunya (also transmitted by mosquito), food poisoning, and cuts and abrasions because of dropping of a motorbike or a slip and fall. One caution we can share with you is that you should always drink bottled water from a sealed container. Ice is usually not a problem, it is made with purified water, but if you want to be extra safe and keep away from the Phuket clinics, you should decline ice during your trip. I know that doesn’t sound fun – and it isn’t – and in reality you might be just fine using the ice anyway!

Generally, a medical clinic in Phuket can handle anything that isn’t life threatening and that doesn’t involve a lot of blood. If in doubt, head to the emergency room at a local or private hospital.

* As you can see we have only one location on this page at the moment. We are sorry for the inconvenience and assure you that we will list more as soon as we have done our research on availability and quality. *

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