Buggy Drive

Phuket Tourist Information Guide

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Buggy drive adventures (dune buggy)in Phuket are popular ways to spend a few hours driving around on trails and roads in a Mad Max from Thunderdome looking vehicle with a frame and big wheels for traversing gravel, trails, mud, puddles and even small streams.

Buggies are made from steel tubes welded together in a frame that supports seats and passengers and small cubic centimeter engines – typically 150 & 250cc in Phuket. These are fairly safe to partake in as speeds don’t get too high and you’re encouraged to be safe in the buggies.

Where to go to ride a buggy in Phuket?

Phuket ATV Safari Adventure is one buggy company you’ll probably enjoy. They have what they call a ‘Buggy Safari Adventure’ – which takes you by the Big Buddha statue in Phuket. There is a thirty or sixty minute buggy drive preceded by a cautions and practice briefing. There is some on and off-road driving, even up through rain forest trails up to a viewpoint in their Polaris RZR 170cc buggies. Hotel transfer, cool water and a face towel are provided complimentary as part of the package. Insurance covers driver and occupant(s). Most tour agencies will know how to sign you up for this tour, or you can simply ask your luxury villa front desk for help reserving space on these buggies.

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