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One of the simple pleasures you can enjoy while on vacation in Phuket, Thailand is the chance to eat out at beach restaurants every night of the week if you choose! Both Thai and foreign restaurant owners have created their own personalized take on family and romantic dining along the beaches of the island. There are many culinary styles to choose from, and that will be half the fun, won’t it? We have around 30 different restaurants listed in this section – all of which we think are worth your time to visit. Can you eat at all of them during your stay? Dare you try?

Restaurants on our list typically have free WIFI and a variety of food and drink to choose from including Thai and some other specialties like Italian, German, or a steakhouse. Some places listed specialize in coffee, sandwiches, and dessert. These beach eateries are not the most ‘high so’ restaurants in Phuket, you can find those on the beach in Patong by the dozen. The places chosen here are in close proximity to Bismarck’s Paradise, and can generally be reached in under fifteen minutes.

There’s something magical about eating at the beach, and Phuket beach restaurants are certainly on some of the finest beaches in Southeast Asia. Some restaurants have plastic chairs in the sand, and others are a bit more luxurious. The choice is, as we say in Thailand, “Up to you!”

Have a look at our beach restaurant listings below and choose one. We cover the essentials like price range, internet availability, number of tables, hours of operation, and ratings on ambiance, service, and food. Phone numbers are listed so you can call to reserve a table, which might be advisable during high season, and it never hurts to make sure you have a table to eat before you arrive!

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