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If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t mind a long bus ride, you’ll probably find yourself on a long-distance bus originating in Phuket and going to some other destination during your vacation. Long distance bus rides usually take place at night when there is very little traffic and the stoplights are flashing red – which means no stopping is necessary. It does make the trip a bit (lot) faster this way.

Travel by long distance bus from Phuket to Satun province, Phuket to Bangkok, Phuket to Krabi, and other destinations is quite common on the island. Buses are air-conditioned and have curtains you can pull shut to block the sunlight if it's too bright while travelling in the day. Every long-distance bus we’ve been on had Thai music videos playing during the trip, which I guess Thais like it that way but you may not!

Eating and drinking are both allowed on long bus trips out of Phuket and other cities in Thailand. At certain places along the route, the bus may stop and someone selling BBQ chicken or rice with egg or pork, beer, soda, and water may board. It may be worth it to grab a beer or two and try to get to sleep if you get the chance!

Not everyone is aware there is a restroom on the buses, toward the back on the right side down a small staircase. Don’t ask the bus driver to stop at a restroom, just head down the aisle and find the on-board toilet. Sometimes there is a sink to wash your hands, and sometimes there isn’t. Welcome to Thailand!

Long distance bus tickets are usually comparable in price to train tickets, and the train is a much more relaxing experience, not to mention it is much safer than buses here in Thailand, but unfortunately there are no trains services in Phuket and the nearest train station can be found in Surat Thani, 238 km heading toward Bangkok.

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