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If you’re concerned about being able to withdraw money at an ATM machine in Phuket, your fear is completely unfounded. Thailand has at least a dozen common banks in Phuket with ATM's where you can withdraw money from your local Thai bank account, your international account or your credit card. Many visitors are surprised to find out they can take out cash-advances from their credit cards at an ATM in Phuket, just like in their home country. PayPal, Stripe, and Payoneer cards will work at all bank ATM machines which show the VISA and MasterCard symbols.

I don’t think anyone has ever done a scientific study on this, but there may be more ATM machines in Phuket than there are restaurants. That’s saying a lot!

There are a couple of cautions we should cover for you if you’re considering using the ATM in Phuket or anywhere in Thailand. There have been some scams where thieves insert an electronic device into the card slot which is able to read your card data and pair it up with a password that is grabbed from a camera hidden behind or over the top of the ATM machine. Do be careful to check the card slot for anything sticking out before you push your ATM card in. Also, cover the keyboard with your hand or hat as you enter your PIN number. You are much better off to use ATM machines in high-traffic areas where there are many people. Usually it is the out of the way ATM's which are targeted by scammers.

One more thing, as you finish your transaction, you take the money from the slot first, and then your card will pop out before the receipt. Many people don’t see the card come out while they are looking on the left side of the machine for the receipt. As a result, the ATM machine will pull the card inside the machine and it’s lost until you contact the bank!

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