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Some tourists coming to Phuket ride elephants and some others ride horses. Horse riding in Phuket is available in a couple of places and is sometime accompanied by other activities if you choose to – including dinner. The riding takes place on different surfaces such as trail, dirt road, road-side and even along the beach (in the sand at Laguna Beach on the Phuket West coast). If you have no riding experience, you can ask for a guide to ride with you. Rides are better in the early morning and evenings around supper time because the heat in Phuket can be sweltering from 9 am. to 6 pm. Go during these times to make it easier on the horses. Even better, go when it's raining!

The Phuket International Horse Club in Cherngtalay has been in operation for decades and is a good choice for horseback riding in Phuket. There are experienced riders to help you with form and to guide you along one or two-hour tours. They have lessons for inexperienced or new riders which cost around 10,000 Thai Baht for ten hours of personal instruction. There are more than forty horses the staff can choose from to find one to match your experience level and weight. Lessons take place in the early morning or late afternoon when the weather is coolest.

The cost for horse riding in Phuket is roughly equivalent to buggy or ATV riding, with one-hour fees around 1,200 THB and two-hour fees roughly double. They also have rental villas where you can stay and ride horses daily. A minimum 3-day stay is required.

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