Phuket Tourist Information Guide

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Songkran is probably the most fun you’ll ever have in public at a party. It is, of course, the Thai new year’s celebration. Believe it, or not, the party rocks on for one to seven days, depending on where you are in the country. Typically, the official Songkran party in Phuket is to last for three days, and since the military coup we don’t think it has gone past that limit. We remember that in pre-coup days the party sometimes raged on for up to five days or so!

Songkran in Phuket is a rather raucous affair! Phuket is already known for its party atmosphere in Patong Beach. It’s probably the best place to party in the country by anyone’s estimation. Certainly ours! Patong Beach becomes a huge water throwing celebration as nearly everyone takes part. You cannot plan on staying dry during this time, so if you’re staying in Phuket, prepare yourself now – you WILL get wet!

In the past, Songkran was intended to give the people a chance to show thanks to the water gods for sending water for the crops, to drink and for all the things we use water for. It was also a fun way for males and females to meet each other within Thailand’s typical hands-off traditional culture. During Songkran in Phuket, people walk up to strangers and wipe a bit of perfumed oil and powder mixture onto cheeks and wish the other person a happy new year or 'sawasdee pee mai'!

There is water throwing everywhere – people use plastic scoops to throw water, squirt guns or improvise water shooters made from PVC pipe that can shoot a heavy stream of water ten meters far, or more! Trash cans full of water line the streets and some people add huge blocks of ice to their water to give an extra shock to recipients of their water blasts.

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