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For those of you who share you home with pets, you know that they are so much more than just animals, they are also part of the family. So when it comes to their care, of course you want the best services you can find, whether it be health, supplies or food. Luckily Phuket has a wide range of top notch animal care facilities to ensure that our furry little friends are well taken care of. With several first rate animal hospitals and veterinarian clinics, your beloved pet will receive the same level of care and attention as they would if you were in your home country. With available services ranging from vaccines, flea and tick treatment and emergency care such as surgery, MRI's and wound treatment, your four legged friends will receive the care and attention they deserve from well trained and highly qualified professionals. The other branch of animal care that can be found here in Phuket is that of the wonderfully stocked pet stores. Much like the ones you find back home, this intriguing pet supply stores have absolutely everything you could possibly need to ensure your fur babies stay healthy and happy. With a great selection of pet foods, parasite treatments, beds, leashes, dishes and toys, coupled with the friendly knowledgeable staff that run them, taking care of your beloved pet has never been easier.

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