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Kata Beach  (Kata Yai beach) is 1,5 km long and 20 – 25 m wide and shallow. Kata Beach is a really nice beach on the west side of Phuket Island just south of Karon Beach and south of Patong Beach by about 8 km (5 miles).

Some beaches are great for snorkeling because there are many rocks under the water that attract fish. Other beaches, like Kata Beach Phuket, is great for swimming because the sand is soft and there are few rocks under the surface of the water to hurt your feet on. Kata Beach is a popular beach for that reason, and it is also in a scenic bay great for photos. The water is turquoise during November to May during high tourist season, and there are plenty of shade trees to seek cover under if the sun is too bright.

Kata beaches in Phuket are really some of the most perfect looking beaches in Thailand. There is Kata Yai Beach (big) and Kata Noi Beach (small), these are separated by a small hill and some rocks.

The beach gently slopes toward the water, and the shallows are safe for children to play when there are very small waves. Kata morphs into an amazing surfing beach during the slow-season, and the rip-currents are treacherous, so do be careful if there are waves while you’re visiting Kata beaches.

Though the area close to shore is ideal for swimming, there is also very good snorkeling at the north side of the beach, and then out at the island about 770 meters offshore you can see from the beach called ‘Boo Island.” Boo is ‘crab’ in Thai.

There are some reclining lounge chairs with umbrellas at the south end of the beach, and there is plenty of room for everyone though this beach does attract its share of tourists.

You’ll probably find Kata’s beaches to be some of your favorite. Each year many people return here because they like the atmosphere.

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