Phuket, Thailand

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Phuket Pharmacies? You find small pharmacies in almost every village on Phuket. If you want to buy larger quantities we recommend the pharmacy in the main "Super Cheap" store. Cause the pharmacy laws are different in Thailand compared to other countries, you may get your medicine here a lot cheaper than at home. Most of the local Phuket pharmacies offer a wide selection of medical, first aid and health care products as well as old chinese medicine products. In the below listings you find a selection of small local Phuket pharmacies. In case you feel more confident to purchase these kind of medical products in a international pharmacy chain such as "Watsons" then visit one of the 10 "Watsons" branches on Phuket. To find the exact locations for each of the "Watsons" stores please visit the store finder on the official "Watsons" website. Alternatively you may find your required quality medicine in the pharmacy section of the Phuket Hospitals.

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