Dental Clinics

Phuket, Thailand

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Whether looking for a family dentist to help maintain your pearly whites, an oral surgeon to fix or replace those damaged teeth or a dental hygienist to help keep you up date with cleanings and overall gum care, Phuket has a abundance of dental clinics for all your oral needs. As the dental industry prices reach an all time high in most western countries it's no wonder more and more people are coming to Phuket for their dental requirements. With dental clinics filled with well known and reputable dentists, most of whom have studied, trained and been certified abroad in places like Australia, Europe and North America, you can now get the highest level of care at a fraction of what it would cost you in your home country. Offering a wide selection of dental procedures such as whiting, cleaning and scrapping, implants, braces and fillings Phuket's dental clinics offer experienced and professional specialists using some of the most up to date technology.

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