Coffee Shops

Phuket, Thailand

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Traditional coffee shops or coffee houses are usually an establishment that serves hot beverages such as coffee, tea and other coffee based drinks as well as a selection of cakes, pastries and small snack foods. Throughout history they have adapted the persona of a gathering place where friends would come and catch up or as a meeting place for gatherings. They were once small owner operated businesses, usually handed down from generations. As the times have changed, more and more coffee shops have become enterprises of large corporations such as Starbucks. Although different than the traditional coffee shops you might find in European countries, Phuket is still home to some of the best coffee houses in Thailand, particularly in Phuket Town. The coffee shops range from simple patisseries to more modern and chic coffee houses with a striking collection of beverages and confections, set in elegant and pleasing surroundings. While all have the allure of gathering with friends or catching upon work or a good book while sipping a coffee beverage, some offer a bit more solace than others. With a huge European influence, the confections and snacks that are offered at Phuket's coffee shops not only demonstrate the skill behind the baker, they also bring a bit of the old-world back to the present with their use of rich ingredients and mouth watering taste.

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