Nai Harn

Nai Harn is a small village and beach about 20 kilometers south of Patong Beach, on the southeastern most tip of Phuket Island. Also, sometimes called "Nat Nai Han" and other spellings, you can be sure they’re referring to the same area. This spectacularly scenic area is a world away from Patong Beach, but you’ll still find some traffic on the roads as it is very near Promthep Cape, a big tourist attraction for people driving around the island. Luckily for you, not many people will stop in Nai Harn or even visit the beach, so you’ll be able to enjoy a relatively crowd free experiences during your visit here. Nai Harn Beach is one of the island’s most visually stunning beach. The Google Earth satellite view shows it as an idyllic bay and beach set among vast expanses of dense forest and plantations. In the harbor are yachts and catamarans from all over the world, the beach being a frequent anchoring point for travelers by sea. The bay offers a nice protected anchorage for all sorts of boats. The sandy beach is located between small hills, a lake, some small islands, a Buddhist temple and a few nice resorts. There is a small freshwater pool area between the large lake and the ocean where kids can play – it’s like a big water-filled sandbox. Ao Sen Beach is also in Nai Harn, a little harder to reach from the road but easy to see from Nai Harn Beach (it’s on the north end). To reach it, just use the road running under The Nai Harn hotel. From there you have excellent views, similar to The Nai Harn hotel but it is even more remote. While in Nai Harn you should take a couple hours to go over to Promthep Cape (Laem Phromthep) and explore it. There are paths leading down to the rocky point, and kids will enjoy it probably even more than you. The views from there are worth the trip. If you happen to go in the afternoon, you can enjoy dinner and a jaw-dropping sunset at the Promthep Cape Restaurant. Great food with excellent drinks and great panoramic view! A great place to stay in Nai Harn is The Nai Harn Resort, on the far north side of the beach. This is a 5-star resort with picturesque views wherever you turn. It overlooks the windmills on the hill and the Promthep Cape and myriad close-by islands. Rates are pretty reasonable, considering you get clean and well-appointed accommodation, great food and service, and awesome sunsets.