Top 14 Phuket Luxury Villas with Private Pool

Comparative Selection of Private Luxury Villas in Phuket

We decided to research suitable private and exceptional accommodation for families and groups vacationing in Phuket. We didn’t consider the usual run-of-the-mill properties like hotels and resorts – villas are the ultimate experience, so we focused solely on Phuket Luxury Villas.

At first look, we thought it would be easy! It should be, right?… However, we researched and took notes for over 50 hours to find the right private Phuket luxury villas to recommend you.

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To find the top Phuket luxury villas, we initially tried TripAdvisor. Unfortunately, they didn’t have everything we needed as we couldn’t find enough meaningful information to help us decide where to stay. We had to go deeper.

Here’s what we did – and we think you’re going to like it!

We chose to research only “Phuket Luxury Villas” and went to great lengths to find data that would allow us to compare properties across a wide range of features. We looked at several social media sites as well as the official websites of the properties. Honestly, we went WAY overboard with this, enabling us to provide you with 100% reliable information on the properties reviewed below.

Essential Criteria for Phuket Luxury Villas

  • Maximum villa daily rate – U$300 (off-season)
  • Child friendly (all ages)
  • Minimum 2-Bedroom / Maximum 4-Bedroom / Same # Bathroom
  • Staff around the clock
  • Near a pleasant beach on Phuket west coast

Amenities that Must Be Available in Phuket Luxury Villas

  • Air conditioning for all bedrooms
  • WI-FI
  • Private pool
  • Garden or yard
  • Outdoor grill
  • Washing machine
  • Room service

TripAdvisor Results for Phuket Luxury Villas

In the first step, we searched for villa vacation rentals in Phuket and found more than 2,600 villas. Then we searched vacation rental houses and found nearly 1,600 properties.

Sounds like a lot of choices, right?

Then we applied the criteria mentioned above to all the villas and came up with only 26 Phuket Luxury Villas left out of that large group.

Adjusting our list, by limiting our selection to only the best beach locations around the island, we ultimately came down to the 14 Phuket Luxury Villas shown below in alphabetical order!

You’re probably wondering about some of the names of the properties above. We sure are!… Some Phuket luxury villas owners seemingly have no name for their property and only use keywords in the business name form field on TripAdvisor. Pretty odd – right?… We agree!…

Of course, the handful of criteria we applied so far cannot be the sole determinants you use to choose a great villa in Phuket. So, we’ve collected over 100 other data points to help you make your decision.

Below, are the descriptions of these chosen Phuket Luxury Villas with further information on their specific negative and positive characteristics.

Phuket Luxury Villas with 2-Bedroom + 2-Bathroom

Phuket Luxury Villas with 3-Bedroom + 3-Bathroom

Phuket Luxury Villas with 4-Bedroom + 4-Bathroom

Bismarck’s Pool Villas Selection

2, 3 & 4 spacious bedrooms: well-lit private pool villas that are surrounded by landscaped gardens and combine Western quality standards with Thai furnishings and handcrafts.