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One cool attraction, not only in Phuket but all over Thailand, is for sure having a meal at a floating restaurant. Along rivers in Isaan – the northeast – there are floating huts along the water, and you can have your waiter or waitress bring your food out to your hut. Some people fish while waiting for their food, some read books, and others sleep. Up to you!

On the ocean, like in Krabi and Phuket, it’s a little different affair. If you go to the beach you can get a long-tail boat out to a floating restaurant. These are floating on wood supported by floating plastic jugs. It’s entirely safe, you won’t sink, and it adds a new element to your lunch or dinner. We don’t know if we’d call it romantic, because there are usually dozens of people eating there around you – but it’s definitely a nice experience that you should try if you haven’t yet. You’ll probably be back if the food is good.

Food is usually cooked in the Southern style – and seafood is the main focus of the menu at these places. The seafood is usually fresh because there is a high turnover of customers and they can keep the inventory rotating daily. Oh, if you don’t know what to get – just try the seafood – especially shrimp!

Floating restaurants in Phuket are a great place to bring kids – they’ll love the novelty of it, and the boat ride is always fun.

– Do not go out in long-tail boats in high waves (high waves are anything above a half-meter).
- Or if you're having trouble getting into your boat because it’s moving so much.
- In other words: don’t visit the floating restaurants on stormy weather days!

While in Phuket, if you want to find one of the floating restaurants, best go to Koh Yao pier and walk to the end of the pier where you can ask for 'Kruvit Raft'. They’ll take you by boat – a short boat ride that costs nothing! Enjoy your trip!

* As you can see we have only one location on this page at the moment. We are sorry for the inconvenience and assure you that we will list more as soon as we have done our research on availability and quality. *

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