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For the last few years there has been an explosion in the Russian population in Phuket and Krabi provinces. As a result, there have been many Russian food restaurants opening and then closing in Phuket, as the rush died down and many returned to Russia when their currency crashed. Still some great food can be found in a few spots close to the nightlife areas of Patong Beach and Phuket Town. What kind of Russian food might you find and like at a Russian restaurant in Phuket, if you’ve never tried the food before? Borscht – essential Russian beet soup usually with other vegetables and beef. Served with spoons of sour cream. Most people know Borscht, and some are fanatical about it. Try it! Bliny Pancakes – come in a variety of styles, and are topped with butter or sour cream, pickled fish, and caviar (small, raw fish eggs). Sour Cream is the topping of choice for many different Russian foods, and is used generously! Russian Rye Bread – this is particularly good – thick and heavy, it is sometimes topped with eggs, cheese, or meets. This is a Russian staple. Pickled Food – of all sorts – beets, mushrooms and other veggies are popular. Beef Stroganoff – beef, mushrooms and sour cream topping – a very popular dish. Here are some restaurants serving Russian food exclusively: - Chaikhana Gosti – located in Karon. This is a small place serving Russian, Uzbek food. One reviewer mentioned Uzbeks soup and manti – something like lamb dumplings – on the menu. - У Ксении in Karon has a 4.3 out of 5 rating in nineteen Google reviews. - Ресторан Трактиръ на Пхукете – in Karon. There have also been many established restaurants adding Russian dishes to their menu. Here is a list of 5 restaurants with a variety of cuisine also serving Russian food in Phuket: - Restaurant Georgia – in Patong Beach. They serve Russian, Thai, European, Asian and Eastern European food. - The Ship Inn – in Kata Beach. They serve Russian, Thai, Mexican, British Pub style and they have vegetarian dishes. - Tai Restaurant – in the Novotel Hotel. They have Russian, Thai and Chinese food. - ChaCha Café & Bistro – in Phuket Town, they have Russian, Thai, and European food.

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