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If you’re in the mood for an adult massage in Phuket, who are we to judge?! There are plenty of massage services in Phuket, especially in Patong and Phuket Town, and every one of them can give you a massage, but not all of them will give an ‘adult’ massage. Make sense? Please don’t ask your masseuse directly if she can perform a sex act with you – unless you’re getting all the right signals.

What are the right signals? This is the important bit… An adult massage, sometimes called a ‘naughty massage’ can usually be found in places close to the bars in Patong Beach. There is no absolutely foolproof method to go about finding an adult massage in Phuket, but you should start in Patong Beach in the heart of Patong – Soi Bangla and the sois (roads) coming off Soi Bangla. It’s highly likely that every single massage place on this road and the connecting sois offer naughty massage. It is highly unlikely that every single woman working in the massage places on this road give naughty massages to customers. Not every woman does. Sometimes there are ridiculously sexy and half-naked girls standing outside a massage shop enticing customers to step inside. There is no guarantee those same girls are going to be giving you the massage. That’s just how it works. Bait and switch in some shops!

However, in just about any massage shop where you see girls in half shirts and very tight sexy shorts, an adult massage can be had in that shop. You’ll have to ask to see the choices of girls that will perform the massage for you though.

Prices are ridiculously low for regular massages in Phuket, and for the extra bits, it can cost up to another couple thousand baht – depending on what is involved.

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