Rawai Beach | Rawai Pier

Rawai Beach was, for a long time a very undeveloped laid-back beach that attracted the same crowd year after year. People insisted on staying in the same guesthouses and spending time at the same bars year after year, never varying their routine because they just loved the vibe of Rawai Beach. Over time things have changed a bit, and there is more new development. Rawai Beach is about 2 kilometers long (1.2 miles) and covered with trees.

Rawai faces southeast, so views from Rawai Beach are not like west-facing beaches, there are many islands to see not far offshore. Visible from the beach are the islands of Koh Aeo, Koh Bon, Koh He, Koh Lon, and Koh Racha Yai.

The water at Rawai is typically glassy and shallow. You’ll see many longtail boats there just like in the video. The water is greener rather than blue, and is far less active than at some other beaches. Though fine for children, sometimes they prefer a beach with some small waves. Food at Rawai is one of the high-points. There are plenty of seafood shacks along the beach to try, and you can go inland and find more restaurants, and bars to choose from.

When you’re tired of enjoying peace and quiet and want something to do, you can take a boat out to one of the islands and explore. Or, for shoppers in the crowd, head to the far northeastern end of the beach for some shops and a seafood market where you can buy fresh shrimp, fish, and other seafood.

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