Phang Nga

Phang Nga is one of Thailand's southern provinces and borders the Andaman sea to its west. Nestled between the more well known Krabi and Surat Thani provinces, it is home to many wonderful tourist spots and attractions, including the infamous Phang Nga Bay where the James bond island can be found. Found about an hour drive south of Phuket, this tiny province holds a significant history to Thailand and the Burmese-Siamese Wars as a safe haven for those who were fleeing the violence. Phang Nga is situated on what is known as the Malay-Peninsula and was once inhabited by a primitive tribe of Siamese who lived in the jungles that flourish in the province. The term "Phangnga" is a modern Thai translation of the Malay word "pangan" which literally means jungle. The primitive tribes that once inhabited the province were often referred to as "orang pangan" meaning "heathen, pagan, primitive people". Much like Phuket, the province is divided into districts (amphoe): where as Phuket has 3, Phang Nga has 8. Each district is then split into 48 communes (tambon) with 314 villages (muban) among them. Though it is a much larger province than Phuket, it is still very much a rural jungle with many small shops and housing districts spaced far apart. There are no major malls or retail outlets.