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This Things to do in Phuket Directory is your guide to fun activities and popular tourist attractions you can visit while spending time on the lovely island of Phuket! Therefore you should bookmark this page now, making sure you don’t lose it. Things to do in Phuket Directory is your one-stop guide for finding anything you want to do in Phuket and surrounding islands.

To use our Things to do in Phuket Directory, click on either the Categories or Location drop-down menu, and choose one from the long list of options within. For example, if you select Patong Beach, you’ll be shown all the Categories of things to do there on the other drop-down menu. It changes automatically to show you what is on offer in the area. Then, if you select Massage, you’ll be shown all the massage parlors we’ve collected information on in Patong Beach. As simple as that!

Each Tourist Spot listing shows  the address, the exact map location, a phone number, a picture and something interesting about the place. Some listings in the Things to do in Phuket Directory show more information than others, as we are always growing our content database by visiting as many of these places as we can.

We cover everything from family beaches and other family-related attractions to the infamous Christin’s Massage (open 1 pm to midnight) and other adult areas! Anything you want to know about Patong Beach, or anywhere on the island? We have information on all the things to do in Phuket that can put a smile on your face!

When you come to Phuket to find the action – you don’t need to go far. Just go to the top of this page – Phuket Things To Do – and use the dropbox to find nightclubs, restaurants, health/wellness, and spa services, massage parlors, and many other things you might enjoy doing on your vacation.

Soi Bangla (Bangla Street), in Patong, is the heart of Phuket Island’s night time action. In and around Patong Beach, you’ll find all kinds of bars such as Thai bars, Australian-owned bars, bars from punters in the United Kingdom, Malaysian owned go-go bars (Soi Cowboy), and bars owned by expats from all over Europe, the USA, and Canada. So it should not be too difficult to find a bar you feel at home.

Moreover, if you’re looking for a family vacation, we also researched this a great deal! We can recommend you the best resort to stay in, and the best beaches for traveling in Phuket with a family, big or small. As each beach has different activities to partake in, we tell you what you can expect at each one.

Likewise, as you go inland, away from the beach, we provide you with detailed information on what you can find close-by, being weightlifting gyms, viewpoints, fingernail salons, hair boutiques, massage parlors, small convenience stores, big malls, and much more.

Need to know where the tennis courts are in Phuket? Churches? Tailors? Dentist? Gas Stations? Animal care? Buddhist temples? Chinese Shrines? We’ve got you covered! Find whatever you’re looking for in our Tourist Spot Categories (+ all locations and interests) bellow. If there’s something you want to do in Phuket that you don’t see, let us know. So we can add it to the database!

When you arrive in Phuket, and you’re wondering what to do, you could spend hours planning. We recommend you spend a day or so searching for cool things to do on our Phuket Tourist Spots Directory, and take the time to read what we have compiled for you.

Some people want a peaceful vacation, just relaxing at the beach, reading books, and sipping mineral water. Others want to shop until they drop, so they stay in Patong Beach and make a few trips over to Phuket Town for the malls. Also, there are the ones who like to cram the most physical fitness they can fit into their short stay, so they usually book a room near a gym and the Andaman Sea where they can have access to swimming and jogging up and down the beach. Then, there’s the rest (and probably the majority!) who wants to eat great food, drink great drinks, and have a blast at night in Patong Beach. Many people don’t even leave the area of Patong as they find everything they could want to do right there.

Beaches, dining, and shopping are probably the most sought-after activities in Phuket – and we cover them comprehensively in our guide!

Though we’ve lived on Phuket Island for years, we still feel as if we are on vacation. And we enjoy the same things you will want to enjoy during your short time here. We added a lot of information to our listings that you are not going to find elsewhere, such as the most up-to-date information online about most listings and a little bit of history too. Things change all the time (daily) in Phuket, and we hear most of it through the grapevine, as the locals do. We share this knowledge with you in our in-depth profiles of places, shops, and activities you’ll encounter during your stay.

Phuket probably has more things to do in such a small land area than any other place in Thailand outside of Bangkok. Furthermore, Phuket and its surrounding islands have awe-inspiring natural beauty, with some of the beaches routinely added to the “Best Beaches in the World” lists that pop-up on travel magazine covers a few times a year.

Some Phuket beaches are screaming with activities: parasailing (parachute), skiing, wakeboarding, jet skiing, windsurfing, kayaking, banana boating, and much more; moreover, all can be done on the same day if desired! The amount of activity is up to you – and you can find everything you require in Phuket. Nonetheless, there are also quiet and secluded beaches where you can lay around and keep a count of the crabs from your beach mat.

Phuket has beaches where you can be served your drinks and food under your umbrella-covered lounge chair without needing to move a step. There are surf beaches with excellent waves during certain times of the year. And there are also family beaches, where you can let your three-year-old play in the very shallow surf, with supervision – of course! Additionally, Phuket has beaches where you can eat on the beach all day and then walk up to a beach club and spend all night there. You could stay on a beach for 24-hours if you wanted to. It’s probably not that safe, but some people do it!

We hope you bookmark this page and use it often. This Things to do in Phuket Directory is the only one you need for your holiday! Have a great vacation, and enjoy your stay in Phuket!

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