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Hair salon businesses in Phuket are located around beaches for the most part, and then near restaurants as a close second. Why? They make it easy to be found so you can grab a quick cut or some other service while you’re hanging out at the beach with no real pressing concerns. You go to the beach when you have a few hours to spend doing nothing – right? Why not go get a shampoo and haircut at the same time? A hair salon in Phuket, Thailand is not just a hair salon. You can get a shampoo and cut and hair styling at all shops that say “Hair Salon” or “Hair Boutique” but they also will have other services. What kind of services? Facials for one! Combine a haircut with a facial… or get a facial while a friend or one of your children gets a haircut, killing two birds with one stone, as they say. Manicures and pedicures are common in Phuket hair salons, as is bikini waxing, eyebrow, arms, legs, and other waxing – like underarms! Ouch! Hair cutting, getting highlights or coloring in your hair, as well as healthy hair treatments and straightening are also common and available in even the most basic hair salon in Phuket. Just ask! One thing you may not have thought about is the hair bead services on the beaches. There are women who sit at the beach waiting to make designs on customer’s heads with elaborate hair bead decorations. This is a kids’ favorite, and you’ll know someone is doing it close by because you’ll see someone with beads in their hair that you just can’t ignore! Ask them where they got it done if you’re considering it, otherwise, finding the right hairdresser may be difficult. Hair salons open around 9 am., same as most businesses do in Thailand. They may not speak English well enough to register you for a hair appointment, so you should just show up early if you’re concerned about how much time it will take. Otherwise, just stop in anytime, and be aware that Thais often close or slow down between the hours of 11 am. and 1 pm. for lunch.

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