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Phuket Tourist Information Guide

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Phuket has a pretty good police presence compared to some other provinces. They need to, just to handle the millions of extra people who visit from every country in the world each year. There are civil police, traffic police, and marine police in Phuket. You know what problems the first two handle, but what about the marine police? If you have a problem with theft on your yacht, catamaran or other boat, or even if your boat get stolen, you can give them a call and they will do what they can to sort it out for you. They may not speak English as well as the Tourist Police, so you might want to call the Tourist Police first. The Tourist Police should probably be a first contact source for you if you need help. They speak English the best, and will be able to either talk to the marine police for you, or they will know one of the officers in the Marine Police in Phuket who speaks English or whatever language you speak best. The Marine Police are located in two places – one office is over by the Phuket Ferry Pier. The other location is right in Phuket Town – Amphur Muang – and you can call them using this phone number: 076 211 883 from within Thailand. Stay safe!

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