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Some people enjoy hearing live music in the club, others like to hear spontaneous mixes or recordings. If you’re the type who wants to hear live music in Phuket at whatever club you’re drinking in, eating in or gawking at the girls or ladyboys in – read on! Rockin’ Angels Blues Café in Phuket Town does a good business, and they have a good rating on a popular review site (Google). If you’re into blues, you probably can’t go wrong by showing up and hanging out for an hour or so to see if you like what they’re doing with the place. Roots Rock Reggae Bar in Patong Beach gets the same high review, and seems to have a great atmosphere from the photos. Coyote Bar on Soi Bangla has closed, but people are still showing up in Patong to look for it. Apparently, it was quite a favorite! Bebop Live Music Bar in Phuket Town gets the highest reviews at Google at 4.9 out of 5.0, but they don’t have all that many reviews. Finding the right live music in Phuket for your personal taste is going to take some effort, but if you prefer it the search will be worth the time you put in. How hard could it be, going from bar to bar and drinking, to decide if you like the live band or not? One bar we’ve enjoyed over the years is Two Chefs Bar and Grill in Kata. Kata is a little more laid back, no wait, a lot more laid back – and if you’re looking to relax and forget about life back home, this could be the bar for you. They have decent Thai food as well. There is a rather regular group of expats and visitors who visit this bar, and yet the atmosphere is still good for new visitors to the place. * As you can see we have only one location, although not really a specific one, on this page at the moment. We are sorry for the inconvenience and assure you that we will list more specific one(s) as soon as we have done our research. * 😉

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