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During your vacation in Thailand you may discover a need for a currency exchange in Phuket. This is a place to exchange your home currency into Thai baht (THB) or some other currency like Laos Kip, Cambodian Riel, or something else. Where is the best place to exchange your money? Usually banks are very conservative in their exchange rates. They’re safe, and you can be sure you’re not going to get fake bank notes in any currency at a bank exchange in Phuket, which is one great reason to use them. But, what if you want the absolute best rate of exchange between two currencies, where would you go? The independently owned currency exchange businesses in Phuket can offer better rates than banks because they set their own rates, and they want to draw customers away from banks to use their services. Small currency exchanges are the way to go for the highest rates. Though less safe than banks, in many years we haven’t heard of any currency exchange service in Phuket cheating anyone out of money or handing out counterfeit bank notes. If you’re looking for a currency exchange in Phuket, you can be sure to find them in a couple of places. The first place you might look is close to Thai banks – usually Kasikorn, SCB, and Bangkok Bank are all in a generally close together area in one part of town, and if you know where that is – you can find an exchange service close by in most cases. Another spot you can be sure to find these businesses is near the center of nightlife – in Patong Beach, for instance on the Island of Phuket. Foreigners often forget they need local currency and would find themselves in a jam if not for these convenient money-exchange offices. The rates in these places may not offer any advantage over bank rates, but no Thai banks are open after hours in the nightlife district?

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