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If you haven’t been to Phuket before, you don’t really know the layout of the place. You don’t know what’s there and what isn’t. It could be an island filled with exclusive resorts and the only place to eat for kilometers is right there at your hotel. That isn’t the case with Phuket. There is a local restaurant in Phuket for everyone, no matter where you are. Within walking distance you can easily find another restaurant, or at the very least a road-side food stand. For instance, let’s say you’re staying at a hotel in Patong Beach within the first three streets parallel to the beach. For ease of naming them, we’ll call them Beach Road, Second Road and Third Road. That’s what tourists call them when they don’t know the Thai names for them. So if you are staying on any of these roads, whenever you walk out the front door of your hotel, you’re within rock throwing distance of twenty local restaurants you could eat at. Really! Phuket is that densely filled with restaurants. It’s weird to think this, but nearly half of what Thailand is about – the allure of the place – is food and alcohol. Don’t you think? Which local restaurant in Phuket should you probably try? We have about five pages of them to follow, so you can just start going through them and see what’s close to where you’re staying. Here are a couple good ones you might wnat to make a special effort to visit: - Wiwans Restaurant in Nai Thon is part of the Nai Thon Resort. It’s a large restaurant, able to accommodate dozens of people. Wiwans is known for good food and service, even when they’re packed with people. Worth a visit! - Bang Pae Seafood in Bang Pae borders, a mangrove area. This is a well-loved seafood restaurant with great food and very friendly service and ambiance. - Khun Yaa Restaurant in Surin. Another good seafood restaurant in Surin village, Cherngtalay. This one is highly recommended as the food and the service are great. Always fresh fish!

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