Phuket Tourist Information Guide

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Anyone who has been here before knows that Phuket has a wide range of seafood dishes and restaurants to choose from. Completely surrounded by water, this little island is ripe with fishing boats, crabbers and oyster farms all brimming with freshly caught fish, crab, and other tasty crustaceans that are served fresh daily in just about every restaurants. While most restaurants do serve seafood dishes of some kind there is also a plethora of restaurants that specialize in preparing and cooking it. Usually found by the coastlines these wonderful specialized restaurants offer a wide variety of freshly caught fish, lobster, squid and more. Because fishing is such a huge part of Thai culture the techniques of catching and preparing fresh seafood has been passed down through the generations allowing the true essence and skill of flavorful cooking to live on. With the unique Thai flavors and spices it's not hard to see why Phuket is renowned for its seafood.

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